Is the Jetfoil strong to the wind?
Our recommendable limitation of the wind velocity during FOILBORNE operation is 25m/sec, and the one for berth handling is less than 15m/sec. Operators who have the Jetfoil operating experience of 25 years or more say that the Jetfoil is strong to the wind. According to the manual, the ship speed reduces 2.7knots when the head wind velocity is 30knots (15m/sec), but they feel the speed reduction is actually 2~3knots even in the 18~20m/sec head wind. And they also say the Jetfoil can sail normally even in the 18~20m/sec beam wind because the hull does not list by the beam wind, so they do not need to pay special attention to the helm.
As the Jetfoil always operates flaps fitted to the forward and aft foils to keep the hull horizontally, once the hull begins to list by the wind, the ACS sensors catch the change and then the attitude of the hull is rectified automatically.

What is the endurance of the Jetfoil?

The payload of the Jetfoil is about 30 metric tons which varies with its specifications. This includes passengers (standard 260 passengers), baggage, fuel, fresh water, etc. In full load condition the cruising distance is about 240 nautical miles (450km).